Breeding Philosophy

My aim in breeding is to keep, or to find all the qualities that made the samoyed to be such a complete and exceptional dog.

My selection is based on morphology and movement, necessary for the sledding- and herding-dogs activities, as well as on temperament (vivacious, intelligent, sociable, close to human beings, friendly with children), health 8to which I attach a very particular care) and beauty.
I accumulated an enormous knowledge in these fields.

Morphology and movement are certainly the most difficult things to obtain and suppose a huge knowledge, so much every specific point infuences the movement.
Health also requests a huge researching work on several generations of a maximum number of samoyeds, all over the world. Unfortunately the samoyed has, as well other breeds, its weaknesses (hip dysplasia, cataract, other ocular disorders, heart failure, auto-immune diseases, epilepsy...). Some of them are rather widespread in the race, only a severe selection policy and serious in-depth researches allow to obtain and to keep good health.

I withdrew from the world of dogshow: I prefer spending this time, to go for long walks with my dogs, to get news from my puppies and their owners, to help and to give the owners advice.
The breeding must never be done to the detriment of the dogs' and puppies' health and well-being. Above all, my dogs are considered as a member of the family, if you come to visit us you can judge it for yourself.

To finish, a big thank you to Fabienne, to the owners of my dogs for their trust and friendship, also their help, to my breeding friends and to my mother too. Without you I couldn't live my passion so intensively.

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