We are walking the dogs through the forest of Haguenau as well as in the path crossing the fields and meadows around the villages in the neighbourhood, without crossing any village. Of course we are also walking them across our lovely, typical alsacian village, with its famous timberframed houses and in the park, where they can meet children, people, other dogs and animals.
Toundra and Celenia are jogging with Fabienne and this spring we will try them to pull a bike.



Me Laurent, has discovered the samoyed in 1991, with my first dog Sultan, who has developped in me the passion for the race. Thanks to him, I enjoyed life even more, because he gave me his love and energy. We knew each other very well, so we became very close friends.
With the breeding I will allow other people to know and love this beautiful race. In addition to the breeding, I have two other passions : selection and genetics (I'm working in a seed company, after I studied biology). Breeding allows me to combine all my passions. With my dogs I discover gorgeous sceneries,  while walking them, meet lovely people fond of samoyeds, nordics or any other race, as well as friendly puppy-owners.
I passed on my "virus" to Fabienne. She first bought Toundra and later Célénia, both issued from my breeding and she developped an incommensurable love for her dogs.
With this common passion, grew a knew one and since 2009 we are living together.
Fabienne walked marathons. She is fond of dogs and animals generally (even her guinea pig will confirm it).
Together, we still wish to share this "virus" with other people, as we did it with our puppy-owners, who love their dogs and the breed.
Thanks, to the owners who already trusted us. Welcome to our next meeting in the Vosges and soon in the forest of Haguenau, the biggest forest in France.
Welcome to our website created by Fabienne. We hope you'll enjoy it.
Thank you too, for signing the guestbook and making suggestions. Good surf :)


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